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IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

In today's challenging and highly competitive business environment, Enterprise IT Infrastructure plays a vital role. IT infrastructure is core of your business that helps you to be agile and ahead in the emerging competitive environment. As technological improvements are taking place there is a paradigm shift in user expectations.  Ideas whcih were a strictly a 'no no" few years back are being accepted and implemented. The concept of Efficient, Scalable and Available Infrastructure is a given in todays' business world. Business is done assuming that IT Infrastructure is always there to support it. These expectations are putting an additional pressure on In-house IT staff. In addition, organizations have to grapple with ever increasing costs for Transformation of IT Infrastructure, Retention of IT Staff, Retraining them. This is putting additional cost burden on the organizations. 

Our  Infrastructure Services Practice comes with over a  decade of experience. Staffed with a strong set of technical and business experts who have helped several organizations across the world enhance and unlock tremendous value from their existing IT infrastructure assets. Increasingly there is the need for Intelligent Infrastructure that easily adapts and responds to your company’s needs. As infrastructure experts, we eliminate the complexity by offering service models, resource skill-sets, ITIL processes and solutions that are well matched to suit our client’s needs.


Service Desk

Unpredictable changes in the global business environment have necessitated the presence of a responsive, high performance IT infrastructure that can withstand all crises. Challenges such as the lack of access to world class facilities, skilled resources, and rapid technology transformations have also created the need for a single integrated point of contact for all IT related issues. To successfully manage mission critical processes, companies need a scalable and agile IT infrastructure. 

Our Advantage

 IT service desk offers multi-lingual support to address the needs of high growth businesses.

Our comprehensive IT service desk solutions positively influence user experience by leveraging industry best practices and domain experience. We help improve the service desk experience via innovative mediums of communication such as social collaborations, mobile applications, and networking, in addition to traditional tools such as calls, emails, web, and chat. Our IT Service Desk solution not only results in cost effective business alignment and operational efficiencies but also offers a migration strategy that ensures a robust, risk averse transition from existing business models to new ones.

Our Solution

Our IT Service Desk provides catalogue based offerings which span across different Service Desk elements. We offer:

  • A single consolidated Service Desk: Our one stop, enterprise wide web portal with an enriched and updateable repository of common IT concerns enables the lifecycle management of current incidents and service requests across the enterprise. Users can report an incident, create a request, and monitor the status of pending requests.
  • Customized services: We provide comprehensive services for customer provided tools, and consult on the right tool set based on our experience of working with tools from HP, Service Now, IBM, CA and BMC . Our flexible engagement strategies enable us to bring in technical, automation, and process improvements that yield tangible benefits.
  • Global account management automation: We automate the user provisioning and de-provisioning process through our streamlined workflow and identity management tools. 

What we Provide

With three IT helpdesk centers across the globe helps you to positively influence user-experience by being the single point of contact across the organization for all IT-related issues, and functions as an Enterprise IT service desk. We leverage industry best practices and domain experience to bring in cost advantages and process efficiency using the following:


IT Service Desk delivers the following benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Improve productivity by 12 to 15 percent over three years, and lower operational costs by 10 to 12 percent, by leveraging a right shoring approach that enhances productivity and optimizes performance.
  • Operational excellence: Achieve excellence with our L0 services (self help or self service through our IT portal), L1 Service Desk (remote support with improved service responsiveness) and L2 Delivery Groups (defined service level agreements (SLAs), increased stability through incident reduction, and improved time to market).
  • Quality beyond metrics: Realize higher problem resolution rates and reduced downtime, both qualitative and quantitative benefits with our shift-left strategy that taps into your environment to shift events from L2 to L1.
  • Risk free transition: Leverage a phased transition approach with anticipated risk and mitigation strategies offered by our Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Data Center Services


Our Comprehensive Data center solutions including transformation and systems management hosting and co-location services and building secure and energy efficient infrastructure environment.

We help you re-engineer data center infrastructure and align capacity with business outcomes and help customers realize full potential of their investments. We also enable optimum reusability and technology consumption by facilitating transparency, easy sharing and on-demand environment.

Our Advantage:

Our domain expertise and dedicated Centers of Excellence help us harness the industry’s best practices.
Our unique business proposition includes :

  • Vendor agnostic approach
  • Metric-based governance and process improvement
  • Innovation labs
  • Industry-standard frameworks 
  • Strategic alliances

Solutions We Offer:

Our data center offerings include:

  • Hosting and Co-location services
  • Consolidation and optimization
  • Transformation and systems management
  • Cloud based Infrastructure as a Service

Our Data Centre services enable a holistic approach to designing, transforming, and streamlining your data center operations for improved efficiencies across the enterprise. By leveraging our proprietary tools and methodologies our offering improves flexibility and reliability, and also provides the agility to migrate to the latest technologies

Solution Benefits:

Our Data center services helps customers to enhance infrastructure efficiency, improve business agility, optimize operational expenses and improve scalability and data center privacy to mention a few.

End User Computing Services

Our End Users Computing Service (EUCS) enables organizations to unbundle key workplace elements and tailor them to different user segments within the enterprise. This enables delivering persona centric applications, workspace collaboration and support services for increased user adoption in a seamless fashion. We facilitate migration to newer operating environments with minimal business disruption and drive transformative technology solutions.


We combine industry standard frameworks such as ITIL V3 and Service CMMi with our best practices to offer superior services. Further, we add value to each engagement through our:

  • Expert talent pool: Over 70% of our 200+ team of experienced consultants are certified on multiple EUC technologies
  • Innovation labs: Our labs focus on developing tools and analytical techniques that enable seamless technology transformation combined with productivity improvements
  • Partner eco-system: We draw on our strategic alliances that encompass technology adoption programs, EUC lab investments, and joint go-to market strategies for EUC transformations
  • Vendor agnostic solutions: Our vendor-neutral approach delivers leading edge solutions best suited to business requirements and ensures the highest returns on technology investments.
  • Metrics based governance: Leveraging statistical process control and analytical techniques, our balanced scorecard approach helps us perform proactive trend analysis and continuous service improvement programs to enhance the resilience of IT services

Solutions We Offer 

Our catalog-based offerings for Managed Services and Enhanced Remote Management comprise:

  • End-User Computing Services:
    • End-user workplace support augmented with self-help, self-service and self-healing migration to newer operating environments
    • Technology transformation solutions for emerging concepts, i.e., Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC), Desktop as a Service, Anywhere Access on Any  Device, and so on
  • Automation and Cloud Services:
    • End-user and infrastructure service automation through self-service and self-provisioning
    • Cloud Management Framework to fast track deployment, seamless migration, and easy management of the organization's private, public or hybrid cloud environment
  • Unified Collaboration Experience:
    • Integration of multiple collaboration components viz., messaging services, office communication services, LiveMeeting, SharePoint, instant  messenger, voice, video and enterprise social into one platform to provide end-users a unified collaboration experience


Our End User Computing Services are designed with an emphasis on creating value for theenterprise by providing the following benefits:

  • Enhanced mobility and end-user experience: Enable easy and secure access from any device through increased virtualization of business and desktop applications. Offer end users the freedom to choose their own device, promoting productivity and flexibility, thus driving employee satisfaction
  • Reduced costs and faster time to market: Leverage analytics based device, application, and workspace strategy to realize up to 60% reduction in effort and 50% reduction in timelines
  • Tailored end user services: Create a fit-for-purpose workplace environment by deploying the solution to cater to specific user personas by taking into consideration work roles, user behavior, extent to which technology is leveraged and so on

Managed Security Services

Comprehensive, transparent, and cost-efficient, our security solution helps to enhance threat management and monitoring capabilities, drive compliance and achieve security efficiencies. Our solution enables you to implement and maintain a security strategy that will not only addresses your organization’s objective of information security program to reduce risk but will also provide the reasonable assurance for regulatory compliance requirement.

Our Advantage

Our domain expertise and technological excellence enable us to bring you value at every level. We offer mature methodologies and best practices, through our Security Innovation Labs. We bring year-on-year productivity gains and add value with our:

  • Delivery expertise
  • Large pool of experienced and certified professionals
  • Unified security incident processes and continuous improvement
  • Improved visibility and responsiveness
  • Low operation costs
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Vendor-agnostic approach

Solutions We Offer

Our Managed Security Services has six key offerings to address the critical needs of security implementation and operations:

  • Endpoint security
  • Network security
  • Data security
  • Security information and event management
  • Vulnerability management
  • User provisioning and access management

We manage and monitor your infrastructure environment to identify any potential attack as well as any deviation from the security policy or regulatory compliance requirements.

Objective of Managed Security Services:

  • Provide a comprehensive and integrated threat monitoring by adopting Defense in- Depth approach
  • Leverage multivendor tools at various levels including firewalls
  • Provide Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), advanced malware analysis tool, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), vulnerability assessment tools, anti-virus, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) gateway, web filtering, identity and access management, network access control, etc.
  • Eliminate the expenses resulting from multiple vendor-specific products and tools, and the expertise needed to work with these


Our managed services helps to access, build and manage security effectively round the clock. You further benefit from:

  • Multi-layer, integrated and comprehensive security support
  • Reduced Total Cost Ownership (TCO) 
  • Enhanced data privacy and integrity
  • Increased visibility into your security, compliance and operational issues
  • Streamlined security incident and event handling processes
  • Compliance with applicable regulations
  • Increased responsiveness, scalability and flexibility

Network Management Services

Organizations that have heterogeneous and inefficient network infrastructure are challenged by rising communication costs and poor business agility. Multiple IT systems in an enterprise are difficult to manage, secure, update, and operate. They can lead to inefficiency, decreased productivity and are likely to increase the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Lack of collaboration capabilities among a geographically diverse workforce can extend time-to-market as well.

Our Network Management Services create a secure and superior network environment that accommodates the convergence of voice, data  and streaming media systems and supports the organization's growth agenda

Our Advantage:

Our Network Management Services deliver significant value beyond cost advantage:

  • We offer proven Digital Convergence Expertise based on the nexus of converging forces (Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information)
  • We provide value to customers with our next-generation lab facilities
  • We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to evaluate new technologies consistently

Solutions We Offer:

Our NMS Solutions include:

  • Planning and Design: We examine an enterprise's scope, IT strategy and business needs to formulate a requirement analysis, a capacity plan and a network roll-out plan for simplified and flexible network infrastructure
  • Network Unification and Optimization: We enable you to gain full control over your global network by evaluating current infrastructure and creating optimization opportunities
  • System Integration: Through system integration, we create a service oriented architecture (SOA) that helps address industry-specific or shared enterprise problems
  • Application ManagementWe deliver an upgraded network that accommodates application demands to help you strategically manage your applications portfolio. Our structured approach is focused on driving down costs, improving quality and accelerating value

Solution Benefits:

  • Reduced overheads
    • Lower IT Spends
    • Cost-effective, efficient, customer-focused service by integrating various applications
  • Improved operational efficiency
    • Rapid response to dynamic business needs
    • Operational efficiency improved and accelerate time to value across the delivery spectrum
    • Reduced IT complexity

IT Transformation services

Transformation Solutions

Our Transformation Solutions focus on the optimization and transformation of enterprise IT infrastructure through its analytics-led Enterprise Transformation Framework. They transform your traditional computing environments, which are plagued with poor utilization, high complexity and high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), into highly efficient, agile and optimized infrastructure, capable of meeting business goals effectively.

Client Challenges

  • Increased infrastructure complexities
  • Elimination of a siloed approach, which results in redundant infrastructure
  • Increased time-to-market
  • Limited reusability of infrastructure components
  • Expensive vendor-specific point solutions for transformation
  • Reduced risk during transformation process

What We Provide

Our customer-centric transformation offerings and solutions help you migrate from the current, as-is IT infrastructure to a more efficient and optimized IT infrastructure. We add value to our solutions with the following:

  • Our analytics-led Enterprise Transformation Framework
  • Best-of-breed industry standard products and accelerators
  • Operational excellence with a next-generation delivery model, which has an integrated service management ecosystem

Our solutions focus on the following:

Cloud Solutions:

  • Cloud Readiness
  • Migration Services to a Cloud Environment
    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
    • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • On-demand Environment Build and Managed Services (EBMS)
  • Hosted Enterprise System Management (ESM)
  • Managed Services for a Cloud Environment

Enterprise Solutions:

  • Data Center Consolidation and Optimization
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Business Value

Transformation Solutions enable your infrastructure to be aligned with your business goals and objectives. We help you derive the following benefits:

  • Improved resiliency and disaster recovery
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Lowered operating risk with reduced complexities
  • Reduced TCO
  • Reduced infrastructure footprint with optimum utilization of the IT resources
  • Increased agility and time-to-market through on-demand capacity
  • Improved financial management of IT services