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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

What we do in the Mobile apps world won’t be featured on the App Store or written about as the Cool App of the Week on a blog. We build applications that drive businesses, make employees more productive, allows for faster decisions, reduce process related costs, enhance communication, and connect customers back to the enterprise in a whole different way that was not possible before. Our recognition comes from our customers when they deploy our work to their employee base and see improvements that they desired. We understand what it takes to work with diverse enterprise technologies and how to bring engaging experiences to a business application that people thought was not possible. We can design a good experience on the frontend, but we also understand the challenges involved with integrating and optimizing complex backend systems to drive the simple and fast front-end experience.

Our Services

Our integrated service offering allows an organization to count on a partner that walks them through idea conception to development and deployment.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy

It all starts with an idea… How to improve? How to best services customers? How to cut cost? How to innovate? Our job is to take that idea or a problem forward and try to solve with blend of compelling process improvements and innovative technology based solutions. Our team often comprises of Strategists, Technologists, Data Architects and Information Visualization specialists that draw on their unique capabilities to recommend functional & technical approaches that are innovative and in some cases transformative, but more importantly focuses on providing tangible business benefits. We help build mobile strategy road-maps, recommend architectures that are easy to support & maintain, and build solutions that are effective & engaging.

Approach Overview

Our approach to developing an enterprise mobility strategy involves:

  • Creating a mobile roadmap
  • New app or process improvement ideation
  • Generating business/use cases
  • Evaluating and recommending platforms, frameworks and tools
  • Create methodology and path on how to Develop, Test, Deploy & Maintain Enterprise Mobile Applications
  • Differentiating between native, hybrid, and web-based HTML5 applications
  • Determining whether to build or extend
  • Determining the right device management and security strategy

Enterprise Mobility UI/UX

The touch screen has created a whole new way to interact with applications. Flicking, swiping, pinching, dragging, etc. are all natural metaphors that make the touch interface very intuitive and simple to operate. Given that this is a different method of interaction means that the common visual interaction elements (navigation, search, scrolling, etc.) people use on the web will need to change. Designing for mobile is fundamentally different, we believe user interface should be compelling AND function, and requires a new breed of skillset to take advantage of this new paradigm to ensure that the UI quality dictates user efficiency, error rate and number of unintended workarounds.


  • User interviews
  • Usage Audit
  • User research
  • Architecture


  • Personas
  • Ideation
  • Storyboard
  • Scenarios


  • Process Flows
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Styles


  • Usability Testing
  • Mockups & Visual Design
  • Interactions
  • A/B Testing

Mobile Apps Development

Enterprises now have a number of new options to consider including device platforms, user experience considerations, tools, platforms, methodologies and so on. Each one of these is critical to assuring the success of a mobile application. The industry has not yet achieved the level of maturity where the likelihood of success is greater than failure. There are still many ways to get a mobile application wrong and only a handful of effective ways to get it right. From native to hybrid to cross-platform, Creospan uses the right methodology to optimize results for our clients with our integrated offering. Just like designing for mobile, development for mobile is also fundamentally different; developers must be competent to create a new generation of highly performant application that work great online and offline. Our mobile app developers include:

Prototype/ Proof of Concept Development Solution architecture
Creation of web services Data aggregation, mining, and optimization
Mobile applications: native, hybrid, cross-platform Backend enterprise application integration
Security consideration and integration Legacy system integration

HTML5 Apple iOS Android Windows8

Testing & Deployment Services

With the ever growing number of devices and platforms that need to be supported, coupled with diverse software and hardware configurations and communications intricacies, requires quality assurance strategies that are unique in nature. Mobile is different, in line with that mobile testing is also different, and presents a different set of challenges. Creospan’s view about testing in the mobile environment is to complement the current testing strategies in place today for a traditional desktop environment with a process that takes into account the different challenges and constraints related to software development and testing in a mobile environment. Creospan has a well thought-out testing and quality assurance framework that supports of the end-user experience and system integration across the fragmented market of mobile devices. Our services include:

  • Testing Strategy
  • Tools & Framework selection
  • Manual testing with emulators and various devices
  • Functional, Load, Application Testing
  • Usability/UI Responsiveness
  • Database, Security, Battery Power Mgmt., memory management
  • Performance Optimization
  • Field testing:
    • Testing at various bandwidths
    • OSs, platform, devices
    • Device power consumption
    • New OS compliance and testing