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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services

We help Customers to formulate a well-defined Cloud Strategy for their Organization.  Typically the Strategy has multiple Phases. These include:-

  • Assessment Phase.         We assess the existing IT environment, Application Landscape, Usage Pattern and  then decide on suitability  to adopt Cloud Technology.
  • Proof of Concept             Once decision on adopting Cloud is taken, we identify a Pilot project which could be migrated to Cloud.
  • Data Migration                  After identification of Pilot Project, we migrate the existing data from legacy environment to Cloud environment
  • Application Migration     We evaluate suitability of Application migration. If for some reason the application is not suitable in its existing form, it Is modified to make it cloud enabled
  • Leverage Cloud                 Implement Cloud concept like Auto Scaling, High Availability and Elasticity
  • Optimize                              Optimize the performance , improve efficiency and Perform Continuous Monitoring to discover bottlenecks if any.


We Focus on

Cloud Migration services using above framework to move following Applications:-

  • Workplace Application                   eMail, Office productivity Software, Social Media
  • Legacy Applications                     ERP, CRM, HRMS etc.
  • Data Centre Migration                    Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud