With increasing market competition and ever reducing revenues per unit, it is essential for firms to maintain good operational control and contain cost, and more importantly have an edge over their competition. OSS can help companies provide new services faster, cheaper and better than their competitors. Unfortunately, there is no one solution in the market that can address all needs. Large numbers of different OSS/BSS’ are based on different kinds of standards, architecture and implementation technologies. Integrating these into repetitive and manual process becomes highly complex.


Creospan provides end-to-end system integration services and guides our customers from design to implementation. With expertise acquired over the years and investments in cutting-edge research and development, Creospan offers a robust and comprehensive solution for enabling service providers to operate best-of-breed processes through implementation and maintenance of worldclass OSS/BSS solutions and strategies such as Next-Generation billing and provisioning systems.

Focus On

Expertise & Services

  • Analyze and develop strategies, systems and frameworks to improve service fulfillment
  • Processes and automate repetitive, manual tasks
  • Architectural evaluations and designs to create data and system integration frameworks
  • Migrating legacy OSS to next generation OSS architecture
  • Develop and realign business and operational processes to take advantage of new generation offerings


System Selection

Creospan assists telecom clients with OSS/BSS system selection, including legacy systems and COTS. We begin by analyzing current and potential future business requirements and drivers to assess best fit, gather and document business/technical/operational requirements, and create quantitative score sheet to facilitate an objective and defensible decision.

Legacy vs. COTS

In evaluating COTS systems, we provide:

  • Full end to end RFP process execution
  • Gathering and documenting business/technical/operational requirements
  • Create quantitative scoring criteria
  • Provide a clear recommendation with pros and cons stated with desired and alternate choices



  • Provide highly seasoned resources Proven track record of deploying multiple BSS integrated solutions through the entire life cycle (requirements, selection, design, development, deployment & operations)
  • Project Management Assist in creation of executive project dashboards
  • Deployment Assistance to configure and operationalize selected solution
  • Program Management Assist in ensuring Vendors are delivering on time and budget against measurable objectives and SOWs. Manage multi-vendor multi-geography initiative
  • Vendor Management Identification of impacted sub-systems and their dependencies to billing (e.g.. analytics, CSR tools, self service portals, etc.) and creation of mitigation strategies Assist in creating and managing the master deployment plan


Data Migration

Creospan offers the following services in OSS/BSS data migration:

  • Life Cycle Planning Scope, Mapping & Design, Construction, Testing
  • Extract, Transform, Load In house tools, 3rd party Tools
  • Data Cleansing Data profiling and development of correction scripts
  • Mapping & Analysis Mapping business rules and processes, data elements, and defining translation tables
  • Data Reconciliation Define reconciliation mode (Statistical, Financial, Comparison), extract needs, execute and analyze results

Alarm & Service Management

Creospan offers the following services for Alarm and Service Management:

  • Alarm Collection Interfaces Scope, Mapping and Design, Construction, Testing
  • Trouble Management Process mapping and optimization, Root cause analysis discipline definition, Dashboard creation, Metrics definition and measurement
  • Correlation Alarm relationship mapping, pattern development
  • Mobilization Network status “At a glance”, Operational Measurement(s) display