Life at Creospan


When not at work, our team gets engaged in lot of activities that encourage learning with fun.  We have a weekly “Leaders Speak” sessions where well known and successful leaders from various industries address our employees and have healthy exchange of ideas.  Besides we encourage group lunches, birthday bashes, anniversaries  and several team building activities.  Here is a glimpse of our enthusiastic team engaged in team building activity on a typical Friday.


Current Openings

Why Work For Creospan

Motivate yourself with challenging work focused on delivering innovation and proven solutions. Become part of the team at Creospan with insight into new opportunities allowing you to expand endless possibilities. All of Creospan’s employees are passionate about what they do. Whether it’s introducing leading edge technologies, forming partnerships with new clients or adding new employees, Creospan believes the greatest reward is seeing people grow. Creospan is not only a technology consulting company, but also a relationship building business. We would like to create an environment where professionalism and passion can co-exist with creativity and fun. At Creospan, we value every employee’s opinion and experience, and we believe that every employee is the intrinsic source of our innovation and success. We don’t intend to change the business world with our technology services, rather we believe that what we do and how we do it can make business life better. Our employees’ passion and commitment are infectious, and we want to carry that wherever we get involved to make a great impact.