Work Culture


Motivate yourself with challenging work focused on delivering innovation and proven solutions. Become part of the team at Creospan with insight into new opportunities allowing you to expand endless possibilities. All of Creospan’s employees are passionate about what they do. Whether it’s introducing leading edge technologies, forming partnerships with new clients or adding new employees. Creospan believes the greatest reward is seeing people grow. Creospan is not only a technology consulting company, but also a relationship building business. We would like to create an environment where professionalism and passion can co-exist with creativity and fun. At Creospan, we value every employee’s opinion and experience, and we believe that every employee is the intrinsic source of our innovation and success. We don’t intend to change the business world with our technology services, rather we believe that what we do and how we do it can make business life better. Our employees’ passion and commitment are infectious, and we want to carry that wherever we get involved to make a great impact.

Value Proposition

Why Engage Us

Customer-Focused, Efficient, Culturally-Diverse, and Knowledgeable

Whether it is restructuring an existing IT environment, Systems Integration, task oriented project management, offshore development, Research based projects, or even staffing augmentation, our focus remains solely on the quality of service to our clients. We make sure their investment brings optimum return. We strive to achieve maximum utilization and effectiveness in every aspect of technology and business. Creospan has the business acumen and technical expertise to help our clients through the entire lifecycle of your business objectives.


Ability to adapt to client’s current processes and culture, with clear communication.

Partnership Orientation

All engagements are executed as a partner; we will become an extension of your project development team.

Ability to Scale

Our pipeline of experienced talent pool has the ability to be easily scaled-up or down to meet spikes in different development and testing cycles.

Quality Focus

QA Engineers provide a robust step by step process to all phases of pre and post development, including the life cycle of technology-oriented projects, feasibility studies, implementation, and documentation.

Seamless Process

With dedicated professionals, we ensure a seamless experience, Creospaning with the requirements, gathering information, to post-engagement services.

Bottom-Line Savings

Because one of our goals is to help our clients maximize their ROI, we guarantee competitive pricing without compromising quality.


Creospan Solutions Private Ltd. is an Information Technology and Network Engineering, Consultancy, based out of Pune, India. Part of Creospan Inc., a Chicago based organization founded in 1999. We assist clients in creating IT strategy and building technology based solutions. We develop customized software solutions, mobile based applications, telecom specific engineering services, consulting, staffing, turn-key projects and system integration services. Clients of Creospan range from Fortune 100 organizations to mid/small sized organizations. We understand the current needs of our clients and use cutting-edge technology and innovations to provide value-driven solutions for current and future trends. A growing organization Creospan serves clients with mix of strategy, architecture, design, engineering, development and testing services. We take pride in our flawless delivery track record and 100% customer retention.

Who We Are

We are a boutique consultancy focused on innovations and emerging technologies. In our consultative approach, we guide our clients to achieve best results, within shortest possible time frame. Our focus on continuous learning, high quality, Innovation, and impeccable project management methodologies help us deliver what we promise. The name “Creospan” was derived from two words “Creativity” and “Span”. That means we bridge the gap (Span) for our customers Created by fast moving technology. Creospan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and it's Onsite Delivery Centre Creospan Inc. in USA, is a worldwide provider of IT Solutions. Our offerings include onsite, offsite, and offshore based outsourcing solutions as per the needs of our clients.

Our Growth Stories

As an India wing of Creospan Inc.(Founded in 1999), we started our journey driven by the desire to help our customers reduce their costs by having cost arbitrage. However soon we initiated our Business Development activities from India for the rest of the world. In a short span we have been able to add many customers. As a result not only our revenues but also our employee strength has grown by leaps and bounds. Today we have a team of multi-skilled professionals who have joined us from reputed organizations and top notch academic institutes.


Inculcating creativity in everything we do.


Premier entity, catering to Applications, Product Development and IT Infrastructure Services. Being a premier IT  company does not mean being the largest but it does mean being the best in terms of, customer service, value, skilled employees and sustained predictable growth.